Loadtimes Received a Communiqué from the High Embassy of Planet GIF, Episode Three

Following the shelling of one Hiroki Kuroda last night, the world of GIF dispatched me a message across the wires in the hope that, in some way, shape or form, even if minor and not actually existent at all, these moving images that loop endlessly might help alleviate our pain.

17. Fucken' Arod 3


An excerpt from the transcript of The People vs. Alex Rodriguez:

PROSECUTOR: Mr. Rodriguez, did you or did you not inhale more than a reasonable amount of oxygen in the visitor's clubhouse on August 18, 2013, thereby depriving the people of Massachusetts of their God-given life support resources?

18. Why Bother?


Seen here: the product of engaging in a brief discussion on existential nihilism with fellow outfielder Mike Trout.

19. Sniped Peacock


Also called "Dammit Astros, Part 53."

20. The Brotherhood of the Traveling Hands


The hell, Rod? Momentum works in mysterious ways.

21. A Utility GIF for Those Times When You Want to Say "We Got This"


22. Amazed Bro

Bro goes from amazement to joy to anger as Ichiro refuses to gift him successfully fielded baseball.

23. A-Rod, Traffic Comptroller

In a striking display of selflessness, A-Rod reminds D-Rob that good form would be to greet the catcher after closing out a ballgame. (Really, D-Rob was mesmerized by the lure of the animal oozing from A-Rod's Adonis-like form, a fact that A-Rod was taking much pleasure in.)

Bemused A-Rod and Ridiculously Awkward D-Rob


That's all for today. We'll be back next week, or perhaps slightly sooner. Though certainly not slightly later than that, so you can rest easy (if you are so inclined). Here's our last feature if you missed it.

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