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David Cone loves Pinstriped Bible

We have been David Cone-approved!


If you haven't heard by now (which means you don't listen to our podcast!), David Cone said on-air that he reads Pinstriped Bible. He's mentioned us before, and he's already admitted his true feelings for us:

But this time was the best time because he said that we were one of his favorites. Obviously, he meant we were his one and only favorite, but he was trying to be polite.

If you missed it and want to hear the audio, you're welcome:

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Thanks to our very own commenter loadtimes for providing the evidence of our totally mutual love affair.

We love you too, Coney. And if you're reading this and you feel like you need to follow me on Twitter, I'm @Jason00Cohen (creative, I know). You're already following Tanya and Greg, so why not me too? I'm cool, I swear! And definitely not creepy.

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