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GIFs of the Week: A-Rod's revenge, Stewart is stunned, and Huff's amazing flip

There are some very worthy contenders in this week's GIFs of the Week, with emotions ranging from revenge to shock.

"Sucks to suck, Dempster Fire."
"Sucks to suck, Dempster Fire."
Jared Wickerham

Last week, A-Rod's strange foul tag was the GIF of the Week, and he has a chance to make it two in a row with another contender this week. He has some stiff competition though, so which do you think is the GIF of the Week?

8/18: A-Rod's revenge

(h/t loadtimes)

New GIF creator loadtimes gets the credit for this awesome GIF, which is A-Rod crossing home plate after his monster homer against Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster, who threw at him in the first inning and set off a ruckus. The Yankees trailed 6-3 when A-Rod stepped to the plate for his second at-bat since Dempster's shoddy target practice, and he demolished Dempster's pitch down the middle to straightaway center field, 446 feet away (the longest homer by a Yankee this year and tied for the longest at Fenway this year). A-Rod was understandably pumped as he rounded the bases and stepped on home plate, then imitated David Ortiz's point to the sky after the homer. As Tanya has said, it only would have been better if A-Rod crab walked around the bases while waving his middle fingers.

8/20: Stewart stunned

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During the afternoon game of Tuesday's doubleheader, the Yankees got some surprising power from catcher Chris Stewart, who hit a three-run homer to help the Yankees beat the Blue Jays, 8-4. Even he seemed shocked by the dinger. Imagine how pitcher Neil Wagner felt.

8/21: Huff's amazing flip

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The Yankees had to rely on their long relievers to pitch them through Wednesday's game, and while Adam Warren could only give them three innings of two-run ball in his start, lefty David Huff dazzled. Huff entered the game with a career ERA of 5.40 in 289 2/3 innings, but he looked nothing like that pitcher in his five innings of one-hit shutout relief. In the eighth inning of a 2-2 tie with the leadoff man on first base, catcher Josh Thole hit a slow roller between the pitcher's mound and first base which looked like it would go for an infield single. Undeterred, Huff hustled over to get it and flipped it to first with his glove. Somewhere, Mike Mussina is smiling.