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Middle of the Yankees order doing their part during recent hot stretch

The Yankees have started to dig themselves out of the hole they put themselves in thanks to the middle part of their lineup.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Just 13 days ago the Yankees stood at 57-56, 11 full games back of first in the American League East, and seven games back of the second Wild Card spot. Things looked pretty grim. They were just coming off a horrible sweep at the hands of the Chicago White Sox and I, like I'm sure most of you, had serious doubts as to if this team could make the playoffs. However, a lot of things can happen in a two week stretch. Since being swept against the White Sox, the Yankees have gone 10-3 and have gotten to within 6.5 games back of first in the AL East and four back of the Wild Card. Obviously a lot of things have to go right to go on a run like this, but the main reason for this hot surge has been the middle of the order.

A strong middle of the order is something the Yankees haven't had virtually all season long. Robinson Cano, the exception, has been the mainstay, but up until these past couple of weeks the team really hasn't had a potent 3-4-5-6 part of the order. Fortunately, the acquisition of Alfonso Soriano to go along with the injury returns of Alex Rodriguez and Curtis Granderson have really beefed up the heart of the order, especially during this 13-game stretch, just look:

Robinson Cano 13 57 .500 .561 .717 .217 1
Alfonso Soriano 13 58 .315 .362 .722 .407 7
Alex Rodriguez 11 48 .302 .375 .488 .186 2
Curtis Granderson 12 49 .341 .448 .487 .146 1
Combined 49 212 .367 .438 .606 .239 11

Those numbers are just silly. No, they're not even silly, they're stupid. Those numbers are stupid good. All four of these guys, some more than others, have been very hot at the plate. Of course this won't last (In fact, before Soriano's go-ahead homer last night, he had been in an 0-for-17 slump) forever, but it is sure fun to watch. The Yankees have made up quite a bit of ground in the last two weeks, and a big part of it has been the middle of their order. There's still a long ways to go before successfully pulling off this remarkable comeback, but thanks to the heart of the order, they are on the right track.

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