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Jayson Nix leaves game with broken left hand

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

While batting in the third inning, Jayson Nix was hit in the hand by an R.A. Dickey knuckleball. A knuckleball isn't thrown very hard, but it was apparently hard enough. After trying to stay in the game at first base, Nix, hand clearly in pain and noticeably bruised, took himself out of the game and was immediately tended to. By the next inning it was announced that he had a broken left hand.

He'll obviously be going back on the disabled list after just coming back from a hamstring injury that kept him on the shelf for over a month. The 2013 Yankees is all about bad luck and the injury looks to be in the space spot Curtis Granderson broke. Luckily for the Yankees, though, is that it's mostly Jayson Nix's bad luck. The man had the day of his career yesterday with a home run and a walk off hit and this is where he is less than 24 hours later. Baseball is cruel sometimes

The most likely candidate to replace Nix would be David Adams, because he's on the 40-man roster, but they could also add Alberto Gonzalez, Ronnier Mustelier or someone else if they don't have a problem designating someone like David Huff for assignment. September call ups are right around the corner, so if Adams comes up, he'll likely be sent down again when Derek Jeter is activated off the DL and then brought back up when rosters expand.

This will most likely mean the end of the season for Nix, but he'll be around for a long time. If the Yankees want to keep him around he'll be under team control until 2016, though he could start to get too expensive for what he brings when he becomes arbitration eligible for the first time next season. Players like Nix seem to find a way to cling on.

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