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Ryan Dempster suspended, Joe Girardi fined for A-Rod plunking incident

After intentionally hitting Alex Rodriguez with a pitch on Sunday, Dempster will be suspended and fined by MLB. Joe Girardi will also be out some money for his subsequent argument with the umpire.

Jared Wickerham

MLB has announced that Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster will be fined and suspended five games with pay for his intentional plunking of Alex Rodriguez during Sunday night's series finale at Fenway Park. The suspension would begin tonight unless Dempster appeals, but, because of the way the Red Sox schedule works out, it is possible that his punishment doesn't even cost him a start.

That's pretty much as you'd expect, unfortunately. Intentionally setting out to hit a player without even having the defense of saying that you were defending a teammate is one of the scummiest actions on the baseball diamond. Is the punishment severe enough to keep more players from declaring open season on A-Rod's ribs/arms/back for the rest of the season? Who knows.

Punishments for the ruckus didn't stop there, though. Manager Joe Girardi was also fined for his actions following the hit by pitch. Make no mistake that Girardi left no question about his displeasure with the fact that both benches were warned and Dempster wasn't ejected from the game. Still, it seems like fining him for defending his player against being intentionally hit by an object known to cause bodily harm seems pretty ridiculous.

Do you feel like MLB's punishment was fair? Will their course of action keep players from following in Dempster's footsteps going forward?

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