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Biogenesis records connect Alex Rodriguez to steroids since 2009

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The evidence that MLB has to use against Alex Rodriguez in their expected upcoming suspensions includes records from the Biogenesis clinic that connect the Yankees third baseman to steroids every year since 2009, according to Jon Heyman. The evidence suggests that A-Rod was involved in buying or taking steroids in each year since Rodriguez admitted to his steroid usage with the Texas Rangers between 2001-2003.

MLB also has documentation and text records that would backup statements they intend to use against Rodriguez from clinic owner Tony Bosch, making it more difficult for A-Rod or any player to dispute his credibility in any appeal. That's to say nothing of the fact that they'd like to punish him for his attempts to buy evidence to impede MLB's investigation.

Also of note from Heyman is that A-Rod seems unwilling to accept any suspension longer than 100 games, if even that many. When it was reported that the two sides were far apart with MLB seeking a suspension that would keep him out through the 2014 season, adding up to a little over 200 games, it was unclear of how far A-Rod and his representation would be willing to go in negotiations. Apparently 100 games is approximately that limit.

Players reportedly have until 6:00 pm on Sunday to accept their suspension from MLB without appeal. An announcement is expected to be made on Monday on which players are suspended and for how long. Any players that don't come to an agreement on the time they must serve will likely be heading toward an appeal at that point. We've heard rumors that Bud Selig doesn't intend to allow Rodriguez to appeal, but we've also heard that these suspensions would be announced weeks ago. Who knows what the case is as this point, but barring yet another setback, maybe we'll know more on Monday.

Having played with the Trenton Thunder tonight in New Jersey, A-Rod could technically re-join the team in Chicago for their series against the White Sox on Monday if he is not suspended. That is a big if. If the Yankees have been trying to keep him off the field until suspensions are announced, they may have just succeeded.

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