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Yankees off night open thread: AL East scoreboard watching and more Alex Rodriguez

The Yankees are off but you can discuss whatever you'd like with us.

I have never loved Joe so much.
I have never loved Joe so much.
Jared Wickerham

The Yankees are off tonight before taking on the Toronto Blue Jays in a doubleheader tomorrow afternoon. The Jays are a prime example of a team the Yankees must beat to keep their streak of non-futility going. Making the playoffs is still an extreme long shot, but if they want any chance at all, the Yankees have to beat the teams they should beat, and that includes the AL East cellar dwellers.

If you're looking for other baseball games to watch, two of the teams the Yankees are chasing in the division are facing off tonight as the Baltimore Orioles welcome the Tampa Bay Rays to Camden Yards. Chris Tillman and David Price will be the starters. The Orioles are closer to the Yankees in the standings, presenting a closer target to hopefully leap frog, but the Rays are the Rays and I dislike them. Advantage: O's.

The Red Sox had to fly across the country after last night's post-midnight ending to take on the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park tonight. Jon Lester and Tim Lincecum get the start. Boston leads the AL East and they are the Red Sox, so... Advantage: Giants.

The Cleveland Indians take on the Los Angeles Angels out in California, the Rangers host the Astros in Arlington, and the Athletics welcome the Mariners to

Today may have been an off day for the Yankees but it wasn't for the constantly unfolding Alex Rodriguez drama. MLB was willing to waive the confidentiality clause of the CBA so that both sides discuss the case in public after much mud slinging over the weekend. Rodriguez's lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, was presented with the offer in a letter on the Today Show, which he refused to sign after calling it a trap and publicity stunt despite publicly stating that he wanted to be able to freely discuss evidence and A-Rod's testing history. Sigh. Never a dull moment these days. Also this, because why not?

Discuss whatever you'd like. What are you watching? Have a nice Monday night!

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