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Alex Rodriguez begins process of filing medical grievance against Yankees

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After being told to "put up or shut up" by Randy Levine, A-Rod appears ready to take the former action.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

According to Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York, Alex Rodriguez and his lawyers have begun the process of filing a medical grievance against the Yankees within the last two weeks. The third baseman claims that he was played during the 2012 postseason despite knowledge that he was dealing with an injured hip that later required surgery in the offseason. Rodriguez has also taken issue with the fact that the Yankees kept him off the field before his return from hip surgery after he complained of pain that turned out to be a Grade 1 quad strain while rehabbing in the minor leagues.

Notifying the players union, as A-Rod's lawyers have apparently done, is step one of the grievance process. As the process continues the Yankees and Rodriguez could end up in front of MLB's arbitrator that is already set to hear A-Rod's appeal of his 211-game suspension for his connection to Biogenesis and steroids.

Marchand says that MLB hasn't been informed by the union of A-Rod's complaint against the Yankees and the Yankees say that they were unaware that Rodriguez had begun the grievance process. The two sides will have a chance to mediate the matter among themselves before it is sent to MLB's arbitrator, but nothing from either side so far would indicate a friendly agreement could be reached without intervention.

All this serves as another chapter in a book that has gone on far too long already. The tension between the Yankees and their third baseman seems to grow by leaps and bounds daily as more and more stories come to light. Having a player publicly sparring with the front office is a bad look for all involved and takes away from the story of what is actually happening on the field.

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