Loadtimes' Spectacular Tour Through the World of GIF, Episode One

Following my new-found ability to create GIFs, I have six GIFs for you. Let's not dilly-dally around:

1. I Like Mike


Dissatisfied with the current state of GIFs for Trout's super catch off JJ Hardy, loadtimes has gone ahead and created a GIF that probably looks like all the other ones anyway.

2. Oh OK


3. A Utility GIF for Those Occasions When Your Starter Is Really Lighting Up the Charts


She's on fire, and she burns through the night at the speed of light

4. Sniped Swisher


Struck, in the right temple!

5. That's Not Baseball


6. Fucken' Arod


The headline from the New York Daily News:

Desperate A-Rod leaves opponent's child fatherless in attempt to reach base

From the front page of the New York Post:

A-Rodden to the core: this man *is* an island

From the New York Post story:

Boston to remain strong after latest visitation by Satan

From ESPN:

I'm Wallace Matthews and I'm important

That's it for this week. Also for your consideration, two practice GIFs I made yesterday: Doubront reacting to a home run, and A-Rod up-ending second base.

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