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GIFs of the Week: D-Rob's save, A-Rod's foul tag, and the clumsy Angels

Mike Stobe

In a bit of an upset, the irritated kid from the Yankees/White Sox game in Chicago won last week's GIF of the Week over both Ivan Nova and Jayson Nix falling on his ass! Normally, you have to wait until March to see stuff like that. It's that kid's one shining moment. The Yankees played better this week and had four games against the Angels, so it should not be shocking that there will be Yankees/Angels GIFs. Which was your favorite?

8/12: D-Rob's save

Mariano Rivera badly needed a night off after throwing about 80 pitches in five days, so in a save situation, the Yankees called on David Robertson on Monday night. He relieved Boone Logan mid-inning and a bloop double by Josh Hamilton caused problems, but with the tying run on base, D-Rob reached back for a little extra and struck out the last two batters of the game to secure the win. Hopefully we'll see more of this next year.

8/12: A-Rod's foul tag

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Earlier in that game, Chris Nelson hit a meaningless foul ball toward Alex Rodriguez at third base, where Erick Aybar was jogging from second. For whatever reason, A-Rod picked up the grounder once it was obviously and foul territory and pushed the tag onto Aybar for the lulz. Seriously, the dude is weird.

8/15: Angelols

Even though this play came in the one game in the four-game series that the Angels won, the outcome could have been different if Vernon Wells hadn't promptly grounded into a double play to end the threat created by this mishap. Alex Rodriguez hit a pop-up. Grant Green and Mark Trumbo slowly approached it... and it dropped. Communication! To be fair, Green was only recently acquired in the Alberto Callaspo trade, but is it so hard to yell "I've got it?"