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Yankees Prospect Interview: Eric Wooten

Jed Jacobsohn

Eric Wooten is a left-handed pitching prospect who was drafted in the 15th round of the 2011 MLB Draft by the Baltimore Orioles. He started the 2013 season pitching in the Frontier League for the Frontier Greys before he was snatched up by the Yankees. So far he has pitched only 21.1 innings between Low-A Charleston and High-A Tampa, but he currently has a 1.27 ERA and batters have hit .200/.250/.253 against him. Eric was nice enough to answer a few questions about how he ended up in the Yankees' system.

Pitching in the Frontier League, what was it like to be signed by the Yankees?

Being signed by the Yankees was an unreal feeling. Everyone knows the Yankees organization and being able to be apart of that is special.

Did you know they were scouting you?

I had no idea they were scouting me. My manager Brent called me into his room one morning and said congrats the Yankees bought your contract

What was the biggest difference between Pro ball and Indy ball that you noticed?

The biggest difference is talent level. Indy ball has some good talent, but in pro ball everyone is very talented.

Have the coaches in the organization approached you differently than the Orioles' did? What advice have they given you?

The coaches in the Yankees organization have really focused on my mechanics and being able to repeat them. Danny, our pitching coach, has done a great job on helping me with them, which in turn has increased my velocity a little. The Orioles really didn't say anything about my mechanics. As for advice, they just want you to go out there, compete, and throw strikes.

What do you think is the strongest part of your game on the mound?

The strongest part of my game is either my mentality on the mound or being able to throw strikes. I don't get flustered easily and I really dislike walking guys.

What lessons have you learned going between two organizations and Indy ball?

I've learned to be thankful to still be able to play the game. There are so many people that aren't able to play or that are playing Indy ball wishing they would be picked up by a team. So I'm just thankful that I'm still able to play and give everything I have every time I take the mound.

I want to thank Eric for agreeing to answer my questions and remind you that you should follow him throughout the season and on Twitter @_wooten.

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