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The Yankees cannot win

No matter what the Yankees did or have yet to do, they cannot win. So let's all panic and start calling for everyone's head. You know, what Yankee fans do even when the team is winning.

Look at all the bunts I don't give. They're just falling from the sky!
Look at all the bunts I don't give. They're just falling from the sky!
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The Yankees cannot win. Unless the Yankees pull a plethora of magical rabbits out of that awesome hat on their logo and make the playoffs, this year will be deemed as a failure. Scratch that. Unless the Yankees win the World Series, this year will be deemed as a failure. The contempt for this organization will flow like the Spice Melange in... okay maybe two of you actually get this reference. To be honest, even if they win the World Series I still don't think they can win. This patchwork quilt of a team could win it all and next year people will still seriously call for Brian Cashman's head. It could just be that I'm on the internet & twitter way too much, but I think I've grown to hate this fanbase even more than I already do.

The Yankees cannot win no matter what they do. This year has been one of, if not the most, frustrating and injury plagued years the Yankees have had in recent memory. Brian Cashman bought, bartered, and built a team together out of crap you find at garage sales and flea markets. For a time, let's say April, people were happy with what he triple b'd. I even remember some "I LOVE THIS TEAM" tweets when Vernon Wells was helping the Yankees with comeback victories. Then as the months passed, people started to realize that the crap he got was crap he bought at a flea market. The polish had worn off and the silver platter he thought he got was made of tinfoil, tears & asbestos.

What people forget is that the TT&A platter was not meant to be used for long, or at all in some cases. If Curtis Granderson, Mark Teixeira, and Derek Jeter come back healthy, when they were suppose to, then people wouldn't really care about the flea market crap. Well, maybe the Chris Stewart/Francisco Cervelli combination. Russell Martin was not good for the Yankees and signing him to a two year deal would have been foolish, if not for the fact that said Stewart/Cervelli combo was the only other option. People suddenly care about him because he's having a pretty good year for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Nick Swisher is not having a very good year for the Cleveland Indians. Few people even mention or care about that loss, even in a year where we really could have used a 1B/OF combination player. We can probably thank Lyle Overbay for that. We won't though, because the Yankees cannot win.

With the season seemingly, but not mathematically, done with, we can now start talking about the Yankees' future ways they will be unable to succeed. According to MLB Trade Rumors, Jose Abreu has defected from Cuba and will potentially hit the market. With the success of Yasiel Puig on the Dodgers, the reactions to this news will be along the lines of "The Yankees should sign him immediately" to "The Yankees should not take the risk for the amount of money he'll cost" and so on and so forth. You might have heard this before with Yu Darvish. You'll probably hear it again with Robinson Cano. Numbers will be crunched, math will be abundant, and shields will be splintered. A sword day. A red day. Ere the sun rises.

What we are left with is the most basic fact that the future is unknown. Even if we signed Jose Abreu, we don't know how he'll perform. We don't know what will become of Plan 189. We don't know if the Yankees will have to pay Alex Rodriguez next year or not. We don't know what prospects will pan out and which ones will not. We don't know if Derek Jeter will fully heal and be his usual Jeterian self by next year. Since we don't know, obviously the most logical course of action is to panic and call for the the higher up's heads, like good little Yankee fans.

The Yankees are in a position they haven't been in for a long time: uncertainty. People will claim that they could have avoided all of this had they planned better. As John Lennon once said, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." That and something about all us needing is love. We don't need love right now. We need patience and understanding. Actually, that could be considered love in a way. Philosophy aside, this is what regular teams and their fans go through. Uncertainty is not new to fans of most other teams. It's not even new to older fans of the Yankees. It's most certainly new to this generation and we're already starting to see the results.

The only two logical outcomes of this uncertainty is either one, the Yankees brush this year off their shoulder, nothing changes, and they begin winning again or two, they pay the price for their lack of vision and ticket sales drop due to the frontrunners abandoning ship. Whether that's a win-win or a lose-lose depends on you.