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Yankees fine Alex Rodriguez over $150,000

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees have fined Alex Rodriguez $153,846 for missing a meeting with Major League Baseball to discuss his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal and for seeking a second opinion with Dr. Michael Gross without first notifying the team. The final dollar amount equates to one day of pay in a year where he makes $28 million.

The team also fined Francisco Cervelli after he failed to appear for treatment for his injured hand and elbow. According to a source, Cervelli said he felt "too stressed out" to report to the Yankees' facility in Tampa after he learned of his suspension. He was fined $2,831, a day's pay out of the $515,350 he currently makes.

According to the collective bargaining agreement, both players can appeal their fines.

Apparently there has been more back and forth about whether or not the Yankees are trying to alienate Alex Rodriguez, but it would be nice if this could all go away. His return to the Yankees and to New York has been enough of a media circus for a lifetime, but if this A-Rod vs. Yankees drama continues on after this it's going to be more annoyances than any of us want to hear about.

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