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Yankees lineup vs. Tigers; Alex Rodriguez and Francisco Cervelli to be disciplined by organization

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After last night's dramatic win against the Tigers that covered for Mariano Rivera's second consecutive blown save, the Yankees try to keep it up this afternoon. They ended their losing streak and Detroit's winning streak, so both a set back to an even playing field. Alex Rodriguez gets today off, unfortunately, so no circus today. The lineup they do throw out with Phil Hughes on the mound is as follows:

Brett Gardner and Ichiro Suzuki top the lineup again, with Robinson Cano, Alfonso Soriano, the DH, and Curtis Granderson representing the heart of the order. Eduardo Nunez moves up and is followed by Lyle Overbay, and Jayson Nix at third. Austin Romine gets in today's game as it seems the Yankee catchers are going back into the back and forth platoon Girardi had Chris Stewart and Francisco Cervelli in at the beginning of the year. Stewart lost the last battle, so hopefully he loses this one too and Romine, as unlikely as it was just a few months ago, can be the starting catcher. The season is on the verge of being lost and Romine is still an unknown quantity, so it would behoove the Yankees to evaluate what exactly he can bring to the table next year. He could even give the offense a boost no, who knows.

Alex Rodriguez was handed a letter prior to yesterday's game telling him that he was going to be disciplined for getting a second opinion without informing the organization first. According to the collective bargaining agreement, players have to tell their team, in writing, that they are getting a second opinion on any injury and A-Rod broke that rule when he had Dr. Michael Gross of Hackensack University Medical Center examine his MRI and go on the radio to challenge the Yankees medical staff. Sources have said that A-Rod believed the team misdiagnosed his injury and that he did not trust the organization's medical team. The exact punishment is unknown, but it would probably amount to an undisclosed fine when everything is all said and done.

The Yankees also informed Francisco Cervelli that he would be also disciplined for failing to report to work just prior to his suspension. Cervelli had probably agreed to a settlement and neglected to report to his rehab assignment before the suspension has officially been put in place. The punishment will most likely amount to a fine as well.

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