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Off Night Open Thread: Biogenesis suspensions, trade deadline reaction, & more

Harry How

The Yankees are off tonight for the second time this week. That makes for a boring Thursday but you can still hang out here and discuss things amongst yourselves. If you happen to be scoreboard watching, the Orioles are taking on the Astros in Bud Norris' Baltimore debut, the Red Sox take on the Mariners, and the Rangers host the Diamondbacks in Arlington.

Some questions for the night:

What is your opinion of the team now that the dust has settled a bit from deadline day?

Do you expect Biogenesis suspensions tomorrow?

Can the Yankees actually sweep the Padres this weekend?

How many homers for Curtis Granderson this year?

Which SB Nation site, other than here of course, do you frequent the most often?

What has been your biggest success of the week?

Jason, Andrew, Greg, and I will also be recording this week's podcast later tonight, so if you have anything you'd like us to cover, let us know.

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