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Buck Showalter: A-Rod ban would help Yankees

The former Yankees manager thinks that the impending suspension of Alex Rodriguez would help the Yankees. He's not mistaken.

Oh HELL no!
Oh HELL no!
Leon Halip

Former Yankees manager Buck Showalter is not a fan of the upcoming suspension of Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. It has nothing to do with what kind of player A-Rod is or the whole ordeal regarding performance enhancing drugs. Showalter is upset because the Yankees getting free of the money they owe A-Rod would benefit them greatly in the future.

"If Bud lets them get away with that, they're under the luxury tax," the Orioles manager told USA Today. "If they can reset, they can spend again, and I guarantee you in two years Matt Wieters is in New York."

While he might not be right about Matt Wieters wearing the pinstripes in two years, he's not wrong about the obvious financial benefit of being free of the monetary obligations towards A-Rod. If the Yankees do intend to proceed with Plan $189 next year, this would not only get them under that, but it would allow them to potentially add much needed pieces to this lineup. It would also help ease the possible financial blow to the face of Robinson Cano's contract.

On a personal note, Showalter has every right to be upset about this. For the right reasons as well. This 10 year agreement was pretty foolish to begin with. It was a mega contract that, while benefiting the Yankees in the short term, was suppose to hamper them a bit towards the end. The Yankees getting out of the monetary aspect of this deal is nothing short of a lucky break. What opposing team wouldn't be kind of peeved about this?

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