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Anatomy of a Booing

Travis Ishikawa was booed after two at bats as a Yankee. But why?

"I can't wait to give the new guy a piece of my mind."
"I can't wait to give the new guy a piece of my mind."
Andrew Burton

I know what you’re thinking: why ask a question with such an easy answer? The fans booed Travis Ishikawa because they’re jerks. But that’s no fun. Let’s delve into the reasoning behind the boobirds making a scene two plate appearances into T-Ishi’s(my creation) Yankee career by looking at why Yankees fans normally boo players.

The player has played for the Boston Red Sox

Ishikawa was drafted by the San Francisco Giants and has spent time with the Brewers and Orioles. No word if he’s a Red Sox fan, though. So this is not a likely reason.

The player makes too much money

One of the "Alex Rodriguez Reasons". Even at the league minimum salary of $490,000, Ishikawa would figure to pocket about $3,000 for his 6 ½ innings of work. Considering the median US income is around $40,000, I guess this could be a reason. But then again, Travis Hafner was even more useless and makes much more money, and he was spared. I'll file this one under "maybe".

The player isn't "clutch"

Both of Ishikawa's at-bats followed leadoff singles by Vernon Wells. He struck out both times. It could be argued that two two-run homers in those spots could have changed the outcome of this game completely. That's pretty unclutch of you, T-Ishi. This is a definite possibility.

The player isn't meeting expectations

If any fans had any expectations of Ishikawa, then they obviously have no idea who he is and have been comatose for the appearances of the other "great" Yankees pickups this year. Very unlikely.

The player isn't a "True Yankee"

It's a simple fact that when you cut Travis Ishikawa, he bleeds red, normal human blood. Not a pinstripe to be found in his veins. That's just unacceptable. This reason is definitely the frontrunner.

So it's all pretty cut and dry, Travis: hit a home run in your next at bat and all will be forgiven. And if you're cut before then, you'll always have the glorious memories of your Yankees debut.