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Yankees GIFs of the Week: Frustration, a tumble, and an amazing catch

Which have been the best Yankees GIFs of the past week?


Last week's GIF of the Week winner was the Joe Girardi surrender, to the surprise of few. Which is the best of the most recent week?

Enjoying baseball is sometimes difficult for Yankees fans these days.

6/28: CC is displeased


The Orioles only had perhaps two hard-hit balls against CC Sabathia in their 4-3 win last Friday, but it was enough to make the Yankees blow a 3-0 lead and lose 4-3. After Nate McLouth's homer, CC pretty much summed up how Yankees fans felt.

7/1: 41-year-olds shouldn't do that

Oswaldo Arcia did not hit a ball very hard against Andy Pettitte with a runner on third and two outs in the first inning on Monday. Pettitte got to it, but stumbled, and tried to throw Arcia out anyway. He probably should have just held onto the ball once he fell. That makes two weeks in a row that a weird play near the mound placed Pettitte onto the GIFs ot the Week. Whoops.

There were actually two video shots of the play that I turned into GIFs, and I'm not sure which makes the throw look worse. Possibly the one below since the ball just completely disappears from the feed.

7/2: So that's why you're here

Alberto Gonzalez is no Derek Jeter at the plate, but he did quite a good impression of one of Jeter's most famous defensive plays. (No, not the Pasta Diving Jeter.) Jeter's range on ground balls has always been suspect, but he has never really seemed to have a problem with high pop-ups behind his back. Gonzalez's catch wasn't while standing as Jeter's behind-the-back plays often are, but he lived up to his defensive reputation and succesffully tracked down a pop-up in no man's land. Bravo.