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Biogenesis: MLB seeks lifetime ban for Alex Rodriguez

Streeter Lecka

MLB wants Alex Rodriguez to agree to a settlement or they're going to give him a lifetime ban. This will obviously cause A-Rod to appeal a punishment that severe, but MLB is hoping he will agree to a deal of 150 games or greater. They believe a 100-game suspension is not severe enough, so they will be looking to finally 'get' him.

The league believes it has enough evidence to find him guilty of taking performance enhancing drugs, steering other players to PEDs and Biogenesis, and trying to destroy evidence from the Biogenesis clinic. MLB is aware that an arbitrator is unlikely to agree with a lifetime ban for a first time offender without any previous positive test, but the final punishment could then be worked down to a still significant suspensions from that starting point.

Either way, an announcement will come Friday on all the Biogenesis suspensions. Nelson Cruz is also said to be considering making appeal, while Jhonny Peralta, Francisco Cervelli, and Jesus Montero will agree to a settlement like Ryan Braun.

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