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MLB Trade Rumors: Michael Young would approve a trade to Yankees


Michael Young started off saying he would only accept a trade back to the Rangers, then he said he'd be willing to go to the Red Sox. Now Young says he would waive his no trade clause to go to the Yankees.

If he agrees to go to the Yankees than a deal with the Phillies is likely to happen. The Yankees need a legitimate third baseman and could use someone who can platoon with Lyle Overbay at first base against lefties. Alex Rodriguez might be back in pinstripes soon or he could end up getting suspended and not returning to the Yankees this season, so getting a player is still a good idea.

Young might not be very exciting, but he would absolutely be an upgrade over what New York has thrown out there so far this season. His 109 wRC+ would be better than any Yankees infielder not named Robinson Cano. His 93 wRC+ against lefties would be fifth on the team out of the players who have at least 100 plate appearances against them.

The biggest question is what would a trade for Young require? He is still owed a portion of the $6 million the Phillies were paying for the Rangers and the Yankees might have to give up something similar to Corey Black in the Alfonso Soriano deal. If the Red Sox are still interested then it will only go up from there. Is Young worth and will he be enough to change this team for the better?

No trade is imminent because one small hiccup remain: Apparently no one has told the Yankees yet. Meaning Young must have told the Phillies, but they have yet to officially inform New York. It's possible this is all a ploy to get the Red Sox to commit, but we'll know for sure in a few hours.


The Yankees might be the favorite to land Michael Young as the Rangers are not considering a reunion with him.

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