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Yankees injuries: Derek Jeter will play tomorrow, Travis Hafner to the DL


Derek Jeter took part in a top secret simulated game earlier today, which later turned out to be in Staten Island. Satisfied with his performance, the Yankees have announced that Jeter has been cleared to return to the Yankees for Sunday's game against the Rays. Now that he's recovered from his strained quad, attention can be turned to who he will replace, but this is the 2013 Yankees, so that means someone else is going to get hurt.

Travis Hafner had an MRI on his shoulder before the game and now he will be put on the disabled list tomorrow with a rotator cuff strain in order to make room for Jeter. Hafner had previously spent time on the DL because of a shoulder injury and has hit .173/.247/.309 since returning on May 18. Now it's a question of whether the injury is reoccurring or if he was ever healthy at all. Hafner has been terrible, so it's not a big loss, but does this count as another re-injury like Kevin Youkilis, Mark Teixeira, and Derek Jeter?

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