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Yankees trade for Alfonso Soriano: Community Reactions

Jim McIsaac

Today was a big day for the New York Yankees and for Pinstriped Bible. The Yankees acquired Alfonso Soriano from the Cubs for Corey Black, marking their first move of the 2013 trading season. Wednesday marks the deadline, so there is sure to be more talk and more rumors before then, but let's pause to remember what we all thought about this transaction.

Many of our followers on Twitter felt the Yankees made a good deal:

On Pinstriped Bible, tlsmlieb felt that whatever you think Soriano will bring to the team, you can't deny that the Yankees got a good deal out of it. He might not be perfect, but he is now the best right-handed hitter on this team and would have definitely been more money if Brian Cashman signed him as a free agent.

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bluecheese999 provided a vision of the future with the return of Derek Jeter, Curtis Granderson and Alex Rodriguez, but with our luck this year this could all be a mirage. Having those three, plus Soriano, could give the team a big push toward playoff contention, but the 2013 season has proven that anything can really happen.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic We leave you with some very, very, totally serious words from YankeesJets:

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As promising as Corey Black may or may not be, the Yankees gave up a player that did not even crack their top 20 prospects list.

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