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Luis Cruz headed to the DL with MCL injury; could David Adams be recalled?

Damn Humbler.

Hannah Foslien

Tonight, the Yankees had a pretty awesome come-from-behind victory in Texas, but as has been the story with 2013, they could not escape the day without an injury of some kind.

Cruz apparently hurt his knee last night, and he will head back to New York for an MRI.

The Yankees have not yet announced who they will add to the roster to replace Cruz, but it seems likely that David Adams will be recalled after his demotion a few weeks ago. He's hit well in Scranton in his past 10 games entering today at .286/.405/.514, so perhaps he can fully escape the slump that ruined his rookie season in June. He's the only other healthy infielder on the 40-man roster, so if the Yankees wanted to add someone else like Alberto Gonzalez or Ronnier Mustelier, they would have to make a 40-man move.

The Humbler strikes again.

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