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Yankees cavalry gets stuck behind the lines

One of the biggest reasons for optimism in 2013 has been a source of endless disappointment.


Only the most optimistic of Yankees fans would have expected Curtis Granderson, Mark Teixeira, Derek Jeter, and Alex Rodriguez to all come back and be major contributors to the 2013 Yankees. All players are over thirty, and the injuries to Rodriguez, Teixeira, and Jeter were particularly difficult to rehab; they could pose ongoing difficulties even after returning to the field.

Someone, at some point, would surely come back to the team and aid the floundering offense, and yet here we are, on July 23rd, and the four have managed to combine for a grand total of 98 plate appearances. All four have either been reinjured or suffered (multiple) setbacks during their rehabs. Now the cannon known as "Impending Doom" sets its sights on Alex Rodriguez in wake of the latest developments from the Biogenesis scandal.

I've remained cautiously optimistic about A-Rod's ability to get onto the field and contribute, even if only as a designated hitter. But I think my well of hope has dried up. Ryan Braun's suspension means that Target 1B has now been taken off of the map, and Target 1A Rodriguez will surely be the focus of Bud Selig and his Untouchables. So if you appeal any suspensions and come back Alex, swell. But I'm no longer counting on it. Oh, and Francisco Cervelli is probably doomed, too. But hey, if Yankees from 2013 can't swoop in for the save, maybe ones from 2003 can!

Our own Joe Flynn put up a lovely post yesterday about some of the nice things to reflect on about this 2013 New York Yankees squad. And if you don't like the term "moral victories," just think of it as finding the fun aspects about the season amid all of the heinous injuries and things that have gone wrong. I think it's getting close to the point where that's what will have to be done to maintain our sanity and not turn PSB into one big rage dump. In fact, I might post something similar to Joe's piece down the line, because, damn it, I don't like being mad about baseball. I'm bummed, and I think you're bummed. Because by the time any of the cavalry shows up for good, I think the battle is going to be over.

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