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Ryan Braun suspended for remainder of season; A-Rod, Cervelli next?


Joe Sargent

This afternoon just got crazy with news of the Matt Garza trade and now this, from MLB:

Braun admitted to taking steroids stating, "I am not perfect. I realize now that I have made some mistakes. I am willing to accept the consequences of those actions."

As Tanya just tweeted, Braun is the first domino to fall in the Biogenesis investigation. Since the other huge name was of course, Alex Rodriguez, one does not have to strain too much thought to predict that something heavy is about to hit the rehabbing third baseman. If A-Rod is indeed suspended for the rest of the year, then the Yankees face yet another hurdle in their playoff bid. They have been starting the likes of Luis Cruz and Jayson Nix at third all year, and that has no apparent solution if A-Rod is gone. If Francisco Cervelli's involvement in Biogenesis proves to be worthy of suspension, then the Yankees will be facing Chris Stewart and Austin Romine for the rest of the year as well unless they call up JR Murphy or make a move.

Time will tell, but the situation appears bleak for the centaur.

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