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Caption this Yankee #5: Robinson Cano

Jared Wickerham

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but all we're asking for is a simple caption. Feel free to come up with as many as you like, but be sure to make them separate comments below. You're welcome to as funny or as serious as you wish. Like the rules for Comment of the Game, rec the ones you like the most and we'll keep a running tally of the person who gets the most recs each time. Happy captioning!

Robinson Cano has been the Yankees' best hitter this season, and one of the few on the team to remain healthy for the most part. David Ortiz looks ready to end that streak of good luck in this photo, but you decide what's going on here.

Week One Photo:
Member winner: long time listener - Staff winner: Brian

Week Two Photo:
Member winner: thelast42 - Staff winner: Craig

Week Three Photo:
Member winner: Rorschach44 - Staff winner: Matt

Week Four Photo:
Member winner: repeater1990 - Staff winner: Chase