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Jayson Nix out of the Yankees lineup with a tight hamstring

Hannah Foslien

Jayson Nix is the latest player to fall victim to the injury bug that has plagued the 2013 Yankees all season. Nix has a sore hamstring that will keep him out of the lineup for at least a few games. Joe Girardi says that there are no plans to put Nix on the disabled list yet, and that no roster moves are in the works. While not placing another player on the DL sounds like a good thing, it actually presents a really big problem: the Yankees are now operating with a two-man bench.

With Adam Warren and Ivan Nova both on the roster as long relievers, the Yankees are left with Austin Romine and Vernon Wells as their only bench options now that Nix's injury has forced Alberto Gonzalez into the lineup for at least the next few days. Warren hasn't pitched in weeks and Girardi decided that Nova wouldn't be pitching in the series against the Twins after all. There is very little reason to keep both of them on the roster if they aren't going to be used when that position could go to any viable bench bat from Triple-A. The Yankees have backed themselves into a corner with no options to pinch hit for players who are really only serviceable against one handedness of pitcher and don't plan on making a move unless Nix actually needs to go to the DL.

The injury doesn't seem severe and rest will likely take care of it, but it could be an ugly couple of days for depth until Nix can return. Not that the depth was anything to write home about before, because it wasn't, but now it's somehow even worse. Hopefully the news that Derek Jeter is hopefully only a week behind Alex Rodriguez is true. The Yankees really need it to be.

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