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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 13: The trade market and the rebuilding process

Greg, Tanya, Jason, and Andrew talk Yankees baseball, ranging from the ineptitude of David Adams to questionable business strategies.

The D.A. is disappointing.
The D.A. is disappointing.
Rich Schultz

If the Yankees had lost last night, we might have had to start discussing "The Curse of the Podcast" since they had not won since we recorded our first episode. Fortunately, that was not the case, but we still had plenty of material to discuss. David Adams makes us sad. The podcast runs 43 minutes, 33 seconds.

[0:47] Monday's Twins/Yankees game

[4:12] CC's struggles

[6:43] Zoilo talk

[8:31] Concerns over Andy Pettitte

[10:14] Dellin for bullpen?!

[11:45] Hitting in June

[13:26] "Tweetbag" questions

[17:08] Underestimating the rebuilding process

[26:56] Business problem: plugging holes, not securing extensions

[30:28] Trade season!

[37:00] Criticizing other GMs

[39:51] Considering the best and worst of Cashman

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