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Off Night Open Thread: Yankees World Series odds, Triple-A All-Stars, Rivera's MVP


There is no baseball tonight, so you'll have to occupy yourselves with other things. Feel free to talk about whatever you'd like in the comments below. How are you spending your night without baseball? What trade rumors are you following the closest? What player would you most like to see the Yankees pick up at the deadline?

Here's video from Mike Francesa's show where Alex Rodriguez says he expects to be back on Monday.

At 9:00 pm tonight you can watch the Triple-A All-Star Game on MLB Network. Chris Bootcheck and Thomas Neal will be representing the RailRiders at the game.

Grant Brisbee breaks down World Series odds as we head into the second half at Baseball Nation. Doesn't look so good for the Yankees, as you might expect, but anything can happen! New York's odds (28/1) stand currently just behind the Indians' odds (25/1) and right ahead of the Angels' odds (33/1).

The AL East odds:

Boston Red Sox - 4/5
Tampa Bay Rays - 5/2
Baltimore Orioles - 5/1
New York Yankees - 7/1
Toronto Blue Jays - 22/1

Also from Baseball Nation, Rob Neyer discusses that maybe Chris Sale got robbed of the All-Star Game MVP award, but that Mariano Rivera has redefined the word valuable.

Today on Pinstriped Bible: