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Biogenesis suspensions unlikely in 2013, per Michael Weiner


The players involved in the Biogenesis investigation are unlikely to serve any suspension during the 2013 season according to MLB Players Association director Michael Weiner. The hearings for any appeals would begin "as early as September", making it nearly impossible for any player who loses an appeal to serve out a suspension before the end of the year.

Weiner also noted that 50-game suspensions may not apply to the players being investigated who have not analytically tested positive for steroids. Because of the nature of the accusation the length of suspension would be up for discussion, and would likely be shorter than the 50 games given to players who have tested positive. It is unlikely that any announcements on suspensions would be made this week, but discussions are expected to happen between the Players Union and commissioner's office within the next month on when those announcements would be made.

Having as much information out in the open as there already is because of leaks is one thing that Weiner has spoken out against over the last few weeks. The most recent example of that being when ESPN reported that Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun were expected to be suspended following the All-Star break. Ronald Blum of the Washington Times reported that any suspensions would likely take place in 2014 last week and Weiner's comments today seem to confirm that notion.

Unfortunately, this means that this story is likely to be playing out for the remainder of this season, over the offseason, and into 2014. For those who have grown tired of the endless stream of half-information about the topic, there seems to be no end in sight. If no suspensions are to be served this year, Rodriguez's return to the team seems far less in jeopardy than it might have seemed when it was being reported that suspensions were imminent. With all the reported tension between A-Rod and the Yankees, who knows how that reunion will go. For better or worse, it's unlikely that the team doesn't realize they need his bat in their lineup, even if they'd prefer not to have this associated drama come with it. Rodriguez's rehab assignment is scheduled to end in six days.

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