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MLB Trade Rumors: Hughes market not what the Yankees hoped

Otto Greule Jr

The Yankees have been "aggressively" shopping Phil Hughes in order to acquire a bat. As a fly ball pitcher, his value is extremely limited to teams with big ballparks, so it looked like the NL West would be the best place for him, but the list of possible suitors is shortening.

At one point the Giants and Padres were thought to be the best landing spots for him due to their expansive ballparks, but now both have fallen out of contention. The Dodgers were interested in middle of the rotation help up until they acquired Ricky Nolasco, while the Rockies have expressed interest in Hughes as a reliever, but a deal with them is unlikely to bring much of a return. It seems the Yankees are quickly running out of options.

I previously identified the best ballparks for Hughes to pitch in and the only teams left in contention on that list are the Pirates, Athletics, Braves, Nationals, and Diamondbacks. A team like the Pirates, finding success for the first time in years, might be more willing to part with prospects for a better chance of finally breaking through, but that doesn't really help the 2013 Yankees.

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