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Around the Empire: New York Yankees News - 7/16/13

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Quick Hits

  • Robinson Cano says he will be taking a break from the Home Run Derby.
  • The Yankees are in the top five for pitching stats and in the bottom five for offensive stats.
  • Jim Leyland promised Mariano Rivera will pitch in the All-Star Game no matter what.
  • Tyler Austin has been dealing with wrist pain and will have tests done.
  • Kyle Roller has resumed baseball activities after suffering an ugly ankle injury.

Questions of the Day

  • How can the All-Star Game be improved?
  • How many games back can the Yankees be before they should become sellers?
  • What is the weirdest place you ever fell asleep?
  • Where do you go to get your favorite food?

Coming Up Today

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  • 2013 MLB All-Star Game: Odds, TV schedule, lineups, & predictions @ 11 am
  • Yankees Bullpen: How to improve on a strength @ 2 pm
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  • All-Star Game may count, but that does not mean the game matters @ 4 pm
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