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2013 Home Run Derby Open Thread

Welcome to the 2013 Home Run Derby open thread!

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight we'll be watching a lot of home runs for no real reason at all, at least that's the plan, but who knows what we're going to see at Citi Field, even with the fences moved in. The National League team is led by captain David Wright of the Mets and includes Michael Cuddyer of the Rockies, Bryce Harper of the Nationals, and Pedro Alvarez of the Pirates. The American League team is led by captain Robinson Cano of the Yankees and includes Prince Fielder of the Tigers, Yoenis Cespedes of the Athletics, and Chris Davis of the Orioles.

This is the second year in a row that Cano is the captain of AL squad, despite not hitting a single home run in last year's derby after winning it all in 2011. Fielder was last year's winner, but the Mets, host of the 2013 All-Star Game, opted to go with an all-New York captained Home Run Derby.

Updated odds to win:

Chris Davis - 11/4
Prince Fielder - 7/2
Bryce Harper - 5/1
Robinson Cano - 5/1
Pedro Alvarez - 6/1
Yoenis Cespedes - 6/1
David Wright - 11/1
Michael Cuddyer - 14/1

To spice things up, Bill Hanstock, over at SB Nation, came up with a great drinking game to make the Derby more interesting and get you trashed*:

- Every time a small child is shown dangerously close to live baseballs, take a drink

- Every time a batter doesn't get the ball out of the infield, take a drink

- Every time a batter makes a big show of how impressed they are by another batter, take a drink

- Every time a batter hugs another batter, take a drink

- Every time Chris Berman says "HE HIT THAT ONE TO [local township, city, or borough], finish your drink

- Every time a tween outfielder whiffs on a can-of-corn fly ball, take a drink

- Every time a tween outfielder makes an ill-advised dive or leap for a fly ball, finish your drink

- Every time Chris Berman makes up a nickname for a batter that includes a pun, take two drinks

- If any batter flips his bat after hitting a home run, finish your drink and run around your house or apartment high-fiving people (imaginary people count)

- Every time there is a super-slow-motion shot of Prince Fielder jiggling, take a drink

- Every time ESPN presents a camera filter or some use of technology that makes no sense when applied to baseball and/or home runs, take two drinks

- Every time a batter asks for a "money ball" and fails to hit a home run, take two drinks

- Every time a co-host laughs at a joke that isn't funny, take a drink

- If Chris Berman makes a comment that sounds vaguely racist while Yoenis Cespedes is at bat, tug your collar and take a drink

- Take a drink for every five "BACK BACK BACK"s (see? we're sensible)

- Every time you see the home run apple, take a drink (Note: this refers to the actual New York Mets home run apple, and not any talking or baseball-playing apples you may be seeing at this point as a result of alcohol psychosis)

- If you turn off the Home Run Derby and do something more worthwhile, congratulations: you win the drinking game!

*You should probably not do this because you might die.

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