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2013 MLB Home Run Derby: Odds, tv schedule, & predictions

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The 2013 MLB Home Run Derby takes place at Citi Field tonight to kick off the All-Star festivities at 8:00 pm. Robinson Cano of the Yankees and David Wright of the Mets will serve as the American League and National League captains, respectively, with their chosen group of participants. You can catch the contest on ESPN at 8:00 pm EDT and/or follow along in our Home Run Derby Open Thread at 7:30 pm.

Among the field is last year's winner, Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder; the man who leads all of MLB in homers, Orioles first baseman Chris Davis; a trio of young power threats in Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper; Pirates third baseman Pedro Alvarez; and Athletics outfielder Yoenis Cespedes; and a surprising selection in Rockies outfielder Michael Cuddyer. Cano won the contest in 2011 at Chase Field and Wright will be participating for the first time right in his home ballpark.

The odds of winning, courtesy of, currently stand as follows:

Chris Davis 11/4
Prince Fielder 15/4
Yoenis Cespedes 11/2
Bryce Harper 11/2
Pedro Alvarez 11/2
Robinson Cano 6/1
David Wright 9/1
Michael Cuddyer 12/1

Who do you think will win tonight's Home Run Derby? Vote in the poll below.

Some additional predicting questions for the comments:

Who will make the finale?

Who comes up with the least amount of home runs?

Who hits the longest home run?

How many home runs will the winner hit in the final round?

Which random New York city will Chris Berman refer to first?

How many home runs will Robinson Cano hit?

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