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Yankees Weekly Report Card: 7/7/13 - 7/13/13

Jim McIsaac

The Yankees went 3–4 this week.


Zoilo Almonte - F
.192/.276/.192, 5 K, RBI
Notes: It's unclear if Almonte is falling off the cliff or just had a poor week. He's been hitting consistently, but unfortunately it's at a very poor rate. He needs to start getting on base more and hitting for some power, otherwise he's doomed to the same fate David Adams suffered.

Robinson Cano - A+
.409/.536/.591, 2 K, HR, 6 RBI, SB
Notes: Cano is getting on base at an astounding rate, thanks to the Twins being determined to pitch to him, no matter what the situation. Hopefully he can continue this against other non-Minnesota teams, but still, this is the multi-million dollar Cano we've been hoping for.

Luis Cruz - F
.192/.192/.192, 8 K
Notes: He's made some great plays with the glove, but other than that he's been pretty uninteresting and unimportant. He is one possible DFA candidate

Alberto Gonzalez - F
Notes: He's done absolutely nothing with the bat in limited playing time and probably looks to be the first one to get the DFA boot.

Brett Gardner - C-
.200/.385/.200, 3 K, RBI, 2 SB
Notes: Gardner has struggled at the plate recently and after setting a team record with 16 straight games with a strikeout, it looks like he's slowly starting to become productive again.

Travis Hafner - D-
.154/.214/.231, 5 K
Hafner has hit a little bit recently, but it's still not much, especially from a DH. After several months of production like this he should be in danger of being designated for assignment.

Travis Ishikawa - Incomplete
.000/.000/.000, 2 K
Notes: This guy was pointless. Good luck remembering he was here in a month.

Derek Jeter - Incomplete
.250/.250/.250, RBI
Notes: Jeter was here, got an infield hit, and promptly injured himself again. Now no one knows how long he'll be out for.

Eduardo Nunez - F
.190/.182/.190, 9 K, 2 RBI
Notes: After his long, long, long awaited return, Nunez has picked up where he left off in April and has been a really bad hitter. Once again, if he can improve just a little bit he might be valuable, but so far it doesn't look promising.

Lyle Overbay - A+
.273/.385/.545, 4 K, 2 HR, 7 RBI
Notes: Lyle Overbay hit a grand slam this week and then hit another home run, so he had a pretty solid week. He's normally pretty bad and since he can't hit lefties this production is unlikely to last.

Austin Romine - B
.333/.400/.444, K, RBI
Notes: This might be the first time ever that he got a grade higher than an F, but I guess it's easy to look good when you barely play.

Chris Stewart - A
.333/.385/.333, K, SB
Notes: Stewart has returned to being the Yankees' best right-handed bat in the lineup, especially now that Jayson Nix and David Adams are both gone now. If he can be productive against left-handers he'd have legitimate value.

Ichiro Suzuki - B+
.261/.320/.304, 5 K, RBI, SB
Notes: Ichiro has remained productive for awhile now, so he needs to continue that trend any way he knows how. Getting on base and stealing is exactly what the Yankees need.

Vernon Wells - A+
.375/.421/.438, 2 K, RBI
Notes: Wells has seemingly come back to life as a part time player, but hopefully he doesn't do well enough to the point where Joe Girardi thinks he can be a full time player again. It all depends on Almonte and whether or not he can continue to fend off a resurgent Vernon Wells.


Joba Chamberlain - A
0.00 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, 2.0 IP
Notes: Joba was finally productive this week and looks to be improving his trade value if only by an imaginary fraction of a margin.

Preston Claiborne - F
7.71 ERA, 2.57 WHIP, K, 2.1 IP
Notes: Claiborne has quickly become the weakest option in the bullpen, though this week he only gave up runs in one game. He's giving up a lot of hits, which will lead into trouble, so he either needs to fix what he's doing wrong or adjust if hitters are now figuring him out.

Phil Hughes - C+
4.76 ERA, 0.88 WHIP, 12 K, 4 HR, 11.1 IP
Notes: Hughes had one bad start and one unfortunate start this week. He gave up four home runs, but was able to strike out 12 (10 in one game). Hughes isn't going to fix his home run problem any time soon because he's always going to be the same old Phil, so all you can do is hope he continues to be effective and the offense wakes up.

Shawn Kelley - A
0.00 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, 3 K, 2.0 IP
Notes: Striking out people is how Kelley finds success. He's actually not that good if he's not racking up strikeouts, but he has the highest K/9 rate in baseball, so I think he's ok.

Hiroki Kuroda - A+
0.00 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, 9 K, 12.0 IP
Notes: He hasn't necessarily dominated like he did in the beginning of the year, but Kuroda is still the best pitcher on the team. Shutting down the opposing offense seems to be the only way the Yankees can win these days.

Boone Logan - A+
0.00 ERA, 0.00 WHIP, 3 K, 2.0 IP
Notes: Logan got out of a big spot by striking out three batters in a row this week. His performance preserved the game and that is what the bullpen needs to keep doing in order to preserve the small leads the offense provides.

Ivan Nova - A+
1.13 ERA, 0.88 WHIP, 6 K, 8.0 IP
Notes: Nova only gave up one run and that was in his last inning of the game. He's been building week after week to become the Yankees' hottest starter. He seems to have changed his approach and so far it has been working, but the real test will be when his stuff isn't working the way he wants it to in order to see how he adapts.

Andy Pettitte - C-
4.76 ERA, 1.59 WHIP, K, 5.2 IP
Notes: He was once again not the pitcher the Yankees need him to be. He continues to get hit around, doesn't strike anyone out, and has been generally bad since coming back from the DL. He needs to fix himself because the offense can't make up for his struggles.

David Robertson - A+
0.00 ERA, 0.33 WHIP, 6 K, 3.0 IP
Notes: Robertson missed out on an All-Star selection, but he's still been one of the best relievers in baseball. D-Rob hasn't walked a batter in the month of July yet, s hopefully he can dominate while his control is at pinpoint accuracy.

Mariano Rivera - C
9.00 ERA, 2.00 WHIP, 2 K, HR, SV, 2.0 IP
Notes: Mo blew a save this week against the Orioles. It happens every so often, but no one's ready for it when it does. He still managed to get at least one save, so everything still seems to be working fine.

CC Sabathia - B
3.00 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, 6 K, 2 HR, 9.0 IP
Notes: Sabathia pitched a complete game losing effort against James Shields, but keeping him in so long might have been what lost them the game. He gave up three runs between the sixth, seventh, and eighth and two of them were home runs, which ended up being the difference in the game. CC has been home run prone in 2013 and it has absolutely killed him up to this point.

Adam Warren - B+
2.45 ERA, 1.36 WHIP, 3 K, 3.2 IP
Notes: Warren is very rarely allowed to pitch, but when he does, he's almost always better than the starter of the game. If he could pitch more maybe he could make a case for the rotation.

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