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Yankees trade rumors, injuries, All-Star voting: Community Reactions

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When it was said that the Rockies were interested in possibly acquiring Phil Hughes, everyone laughed out loud to the idea of him pitching in the Colorado launching pad. If his problem is giving up too many home runs, the solution isn't to stick him in one of the most homer-prone stadiums in the league. JumpinJackFlash knows exactly how Rockies games would go if he actually ended up playing for them:

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When Let's Talk About Tex Baby has something to say it usually ends up being green. Apparently the Yankees have asked about Asdrubal Cabrera on multiple occasions and the community was split over the idea of acquiring a league-average shortstop with terrible defensive ratings, but Tex Baby might have summed up the situation the best:

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People were angry over Derek Jeter's injury, but the best way to combat pain is to laugh about it, and the commenters of PSA did just that. Jeter strained his quad hustling to first base on a ground out, but you would obviously never see Robinson Cano do that, even though that's not really a bad thing. Michael Brown planned to defend Cano the only way he knew how and GMan8321 chimed in with the inevitable knock against Dustin Pedroia:

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Travis Hafner missed a game after fouling a ball off his foot while hitting in the batting cage during Wednesday's game. The consensus seems to be that this is the most 2013 Yankees injury to ever happen. It looks like he'll be ok, but with Hafner you can never be too sure that he won't break into pieces. Obviously, people are frustrated with the Yankees' misfortunes this season:

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The final roster spot for the All-Star Game has been voted on and decided and David Robertson ended up coming in second to the Blue Jays' Steve Delabar, who received 9.6 million votes. Feeling that D-Rob was robbed, our own Joe Flynn took to twitter to voice his unhappiness the final results:

And there you have it folks!

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