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Sherman: Alex Rodriguez fails to show up for rehab game in Tampa


Alex Rodriguez met with MLB officials yesterday in Tampa before he was scheduled to appear in a rehab game for the Tampa Yankees. Following his meeting, A-Rod was expected to be at George M. Steinbrenner Field but he never showed up, according to Joel Sherman of the New York Post. The game was eventually postponed for rain, but Sherman reports that Rodriguez's no-show has further damaged an already fragile relationship between the Yankees and A-Rod.

To make matters worse, sources have told Sherman that the Yankees were scrambling to find A-Rod, who later told them that he was not planning to play last night. That also didn't go over well, as you might expect. According to Sherman's post, A-Rod would have had time to get from the place where he met with officials to the ballpark in plenty of time before the game was eventually called, and that the Yankees had been told the interview would take place in plenty of time for A-Rod to make his rehab start as planned.

Whether this is a big deal or not, the relationship between player and team seems to get stretched a little more thinly every day. Between the controversy over a tweet to the ongoing Biogenesis investigation that reports say will result in a suspension following the All-Star break, it seems like the two sides have been at odds for a huge chunk of 2013 so far. If this much drama is happening while A-Rod is away from the team, what will happen once he's back with them?

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