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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 14: Jeter's return and a tweetbagging extravaganza

Greg, Tanya, Jason, and Andrew answer questions from the "tweetbag" and are confounded by Travis Hafner's untimely demise via pitching machine.


Pinstripe Alley Podcast party time. Join us. There is discussion of pummeling Armando Benitez.

[2:49]: Derek Jeter is back, or is he?

[7:00]: Travis Hafner vs. the pitching machine

[10:35]: Ivan Nova good, Andy Pettitte bad

[12:45]: If Phil Hughes is traded, is Michael Pineda necessarily the answer?

[17:03]: "The Judge" finally signs

[17:35]: Tweetbag Question 1- "Breaking news. Another Yankee goes under the knife for season-ending surgery. Who would you least mind being injured?"

[18:43]: Tweetbag Question 2- "Expectations/predictions on Jeter, and a Joba Chamberlain solution."

[22:02]: Tweetbag Question 3- "With everyone healthy, who is in the Yankees' rotation on August 1?"/Who might want Hughes?

[28:28]: Tweetbag Question 4- Armando Benitez just drilled your teammate in the back. The benches clear, a brawl is imminent. What Yankee player (past or present) would you want most by your side in the coming fight?"

[30:20]: Tweetbag Question 5- "What is your favorite Derek Jeter moment?"

[32:31]: Tweetbag Question 6- "Is there anything at all that the suits in the front office could do that would cause you to say, 'Screw you guys, I’m going home?'"

[36:37]: Tweetbag Question 7- "Who will the Yankees trade for before the deadline, if anyone?"

[41:19]: Tweetbag Question 8- "Who in Triple-A is close to possibly helping the team this year?

[44:00]: Yankee/Mitre of the Week, speed round

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