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Derek Jeter diagnosed with Grade One quad strain; not headed to the DL yet


After leaving yesterday's game with tightness in his quad, Derek Jeter's MRI showed a Grade One quad strain. In hopes of avoiding a trip to the disabled list, the Yankees will have Jeter rest through the All-Star break. Placing Jeter on the DL cannot be ruled out, however, they are just hoping that the rest will be enough.

The million dollar question, of course, will be whether or not the Yankees bringing back Jeter earlier than intended could have caused the strain in his quad. Cashman says that Jeter was running well in his rehab, but that his return coming early possibly contributed to the injury. That being the case, a lot of fingers will be pointed once again after seeing the same story play out multiple times this season. Injured player attempting to return too soon ends up re-injured in some way. Is it the fault of the medical staff, the coaches, or the players themselves? Who knows.

It's possible that Jeter will be able to resume playing next Friday, which is what the team is hoping for. The All-Star break couldn't have come at a better time because it would likely mean placing Jeter right back on the DL otherwise. Hopefully a week of rest does the trick.

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