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Derek Jeter injures quad in return; updates on Rodriguez, Hafner and Gardner

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Derek Jeter returned to the Yankees lineup on Thursday in a win over the Kansas City Royals. He got an infield hit as the DH, but left in the sixth inning for unknown reasons. It turns out he was experiencing tightness in his quad muscle when running to first base, so they took him out for precautionary measures, but it might be more than that.

He's scheduled to get an MRI and go from there, but the reactions have ranged from 'no big deal' to 'uh oh'. Joe Girardi has also said that Jeter could sit out all this weekend just to be sure. The ankle doesn't seem to be a problem, but right now it's waiting game. If it turns out he can play tomorrow he'll start as the DH again.

Jeter addressed the media after the game and talked about how frustrating the whole ordeal has been and how he hopes everything is ok.

Even if it's not a re-injury of his ankle, Derek Jeter getting injured again after seemingly being rushed through his rehab has to raise an eyebrow from someone, somewhere. Was he rushed or was this just bad luck?

Girardi also said that Brett Gardner will play tomorrow, but Travis Hafner will remain out. Both sat for Thursday's game after being hit in the leg with balls (Gardner by a pitcher, Hafner by a pitching machine).

The Yankees are currently eyeing July 22 for the return of Alex Rodriguez, who is expected to need all 20 days of his rehab assignment. That is a long way off, so anything can happen.

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