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2013 MLB Draft: Yankees picks' reactions to being drafted

Who better to tell you what it's like to find out you're a Yankee than those that just became one?

Nick Laham

As Day Three of the 2013 MLB Draft approaches, here is a look at how some of the newest Yankees (and those close to them) have reacted to being drafted, and maybe a tiny little insight in to who they are off the baseball diamond. It's usually a heavy dose of sickly sweet cliches, but some of the unbridled joy that you get a glimpse of as a kid finds out his dream is coming true is heart-warming.

OF Michael O'Neill | PB Profile

"It was crazy. It all just hit me at once, all hard work and dedication I put in, not only the past three years at Michigan but the previous four in high school finally paid off." "The only thing that really happened was it all hit me at once. Your biggest dream as child became reality. That was the coolest thing for me. Even if the Yankees wouldn't have taken me, your (dream) is to play in the big leagues." - Detroit Free Press

In the second round, O'Neill was asked to take less money in return for a higher draft spot, but he turned the offer down. The Yankees drafted Gosuke Katoh instead. One round later, O'Neill would get his wish anyway.

RHP David Palladino | PB Profile

"It's a phenomenal day, a dream come true. I'm a diehard Yankees fan. To get drafted by the team I grew up watching and going to see as a little kid, it's crazy. I was sitting in my kitchen. I had my laptop out. I had a couple of my friends over and my family was there. We were sitting there, watching it, as the phone calls came in. It was an intense moment. When we got the call, we went crazy. We were throwing things. We were all excited."

"This has been a dream since I was a little kid, playing T-ball. If everything's right, I'm going to want to sign and start my professional career." -

Palladino has a scholarship to play for one of the SEC baseball powerhouses in LSU, but it sounds like he wants to be a Yankee if at all possible. It's a better look than all that purple and yellow anyway, David.

SS John Murphy | PB Profile

"I'll get the opportunity to play right by home. I've had such great support from my family. I couldn't be happier."

Unfortunately, Murphy's father passed away in 2007 after a battle with cancer and wasn't able to be with his son when he got the news.

"He gave me my drive and my work ethic. That's who I play for. My goal has always been to play for him." -

Murphy's coach Nick Giaquinto had this to say: "I'm happy for John. He worked hard and he came in with a good work ethic. It's a dream come true."

3B Eric Jagielo | PB Profile

Jagielo was one player who was not surprised about the team that ultimately drafted him Thursday night.

"We all watched in my living room. I knew some more information that they did. I definitely kept it a secret. I wanted them to be a little more surprised than me."

One of the things that appealed to him the most about the Yankees was that he saw a clear shot at getting to the major league level.

"That was a goal of everything to have a fit where I can sign quickly and just get in the organization and start working my way up and trying to make it to the end goal, which is playing at Yankee Stadium. I don't think it's going to be too hard for me to fit right into their system. The parallels with Notre Dame, they just have such a rich history in baseball. There's so much tradition there. It's such a different standard when you're a Yankee." - 247 Sports

Fellow former Notre Dame baseball player David Phelps also sent his congratulations to Eric.

"He basically just said, 'Congratulations, welcome to the organization. If you have any questions or whatever, just feel free to get in contact with me. That was an awesome thing for him to do, especially him being a young guy and getting into more of a veteran role." -

OF Aaron Judge | PB Profile

The Big Apple is a little intimidating for outsiders, and you can count The Judge among those who felt a little uneasy about the hustle and bustle of The City at first.

"It's too busy, seems hectic. I'm not sure I could ever live here."

Fortunately, he was impressed by Yankee Stadium. Having your face up on the scoreboard probably doesn't hurt when trying to warm up to the place.

"It was unbelievable. There's just so much history at that park, and being on the field, it was amazing. Hopefully in a few years, I get to play there and hit some out."

One of the first thing he's looking forward to when he leaves his college baseball days behind for a professional career?

"I'm excited to focus on baseball, using a wood bat and getting up to the majors as soon as I can." - Fresno Bee

We're pretty excited for you, too, Your Honor.

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