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2013 MLB Draft Results: Yankees day two implications

Nick Rumbelow, ladies and gentlemen
Nick Rumbelow, ladies and gentlemen

Mike O'Neill | OF

The Yankees added another outfielder into the organizational mix, but unlike Aaron Judge, O'Neill is more of a speed and line-drive kind of player. Though he is a promising pick, he probably got some favoritism because of his relationship to Paul O'Neill. The Yankees love them some Yankee lineage. He could prove to be something similar to Brett Gardner, but with less speed and lesser defense, but he won't be hitting for much power like his uncle. He probably matches up favorably with Mason Williams and Slade Heathcott in their tool sets, but they will still be the premier prospects. He could still be a solid outfielder and a nice backup in case one of Williams, Heathcott, and Tyler Austin don't pan out.

Coming out of college he'll probably start in Short Season-A Staten Island along with Judge and Brandon Thomas as the organization's next wave of outfield prospects. They could all be moved to Low-A quickly in order to get them through the system and get them to face better pitching as soon as possible. The only real prospect in Charleston's outfield is Jake Cave and he could move up to High-A Tampa before O'Neill comes into the system, so he would really have no one holding him back from progressing through the low levels of the minor leagues. Once he gets to the higher levels he could find people blocking him, but that's way too far in the future to worry about.

Tyler Wade | SS

If the Yankees can convince him to go into professional ball instead of college, he will start off in Rookie Ball in order to hone his skills. The question is whether he can stay at shortstop or if he'll have to move to third; but while what position he plays might change his value, it still won't change his path in the organization.

The Yankees essentially have one shortstop prospect and one third base prospect in their system. If he's a shortstop he'll have to compete with Cito Culver, who is currently having another terrible season at Low-A Charleston. If he's a third baseman he'll have to compete with Dante Bichette Jr., who has long since lost his prospect shine. Either way, neither will be much of a threat to Wade if he can hit.

David Palladino | RHP

This guy is a big dude. He's bigger than The Judge and bigger than Dellin Betances and even though he has an easier delivery than Betances, it doesn't mean that he'll be any better at repeating it. I imagine he will start his career in Staten Island's rotation, where he can start developing his four offerings, and will have the chance to move through the lower levels quickly if he signs relatively soon. He will force someone out of the Charleston rotation because the only real prospect there is Rafael De Paula. He could make it two with a strong showing in Short Season.

John Murphy | SS

Murphy might bring about one of the biggest assignment conflicts in the draft. As a college senior he will at least start in Staten Island, but could also make it up to Charleston if he signs soon. The problem is that Cito Culver is there and as a first round draft pick, the Yankees won't be giving up on him that easily. It's possible that the two of them could share time between shortstop and DH, but since Culver isn't going anywhere and Murphy is new to the system and doesn't project to rake in the minors, he might have to wait it out in Short Season and see what happens.

Nick Rumbelow | RHP

Rumbelow will be a two-pitch reliever and could end up moving quickly through the system like Mark Montgomery has done. If he follows that career path, he'll start off in Staten Island if he signs soon and have a chance to pitch in Low-A by the end of the year. If he continues strike people out he will continue to shoot up the system, even if he walks people. Relievers don't really have to worry about being blocked because it's so easy to move them to different levels, so Rumbelow will only have to worry about how well he does, not what the people in front of him do.

Brandon Thomas | OF

Thomas is a fourth rounder that the Yankees got because he came down with mono and saw his stock drop. As a senior, he could go directly to Staten Island, but they could always start him off in the Gulf Coast League if they want to be careful with him. From there they could just quickly shoot him up the system before he became too old for his level. He is the same age as Mason Williams, who is in High-A, and Tyler Austin, who is in Double-A, so he wouldn't be held back for long, if at all. If they think he is fine and ready to compete in pro ball he could start at Short Season and find himself at Charleston before long together with Aaron Judge and Mike O'Neill.

Conner Kendrick | LHP

Kendrick has been characterized as a deceptive lefty out of the bullpen, who doesn't have high velocity or great stuff, but has a delivery that helps play up what he throws. Without the velocity or high whiff rate he won't charge through the system like most high-strikeout relievers the Yankees take. Instead, he could take a slower route, but, as a lefty, he will be given more chances and a longer look than a similar right-handed prospect. On the other hand, if he proves to be effective right away he could force his way through the levels and project as a future lefty specialist in the bullpen, if he even decides to sign with the Yankees.

Tyler Webb | LHP

Webb is the lefty compliment to Rumbelow as a high-strikeout reliever. He could turn out to be the next Montgomery, but with health concerns, having already gone through Tommy John and overuse, the Yankees are probably going to take it slow, at least at first. If he's going to have anywhere close to the 12.88 K/9 he had this year when he gets into pro ball, it's going to be tough to hold him back. He could either start off in the Gulf Coast League or spend most of the season in Short Season before moving to Charleston towards the end of the year. Once he shows the organization that he can handle a full body of competitive work, they'll let him off the leash and move up quickly.

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