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2013 MLB Draft Results: Yankees select centerfielder Aaron Judge


With their second pick in the 2013 MLB Draft, the Yankees selected centerfield Aaron Judge 32nd overall. Judge is a 6-foot-7, 255 pound monster from Fresno State and would be the second tallest outfielder if he makes it to the majors. Keith Law (subscription required) says he's very athletic, despite his size, with a surprisingly short swing. He also says that he won't be a centerfield in the pros, but he's a fast runner and would have good range in the corners with a plus arm. Jason Heyward was mentioned as a comparable on his defense. He needs some mechanical work with his bat, but he has 30-home run potential against 150 strikeouts a year. He has monster power in batting practice, but has yet to show it in games and that could be a red flag.

Judge was ranked 30th overall by Baseball America, 24th by Jonathan Mayo at and as high as #17 at ESPN. Mayo score him with 3/5 hitting, 5/5 running, 6/6 arm, 5/6 fielding, and as a 4/5 overall. He describes him as having considerable raw power from the right side of the plate and projects to have all the tools of a future right fielder. Oddly, May says he has patience at the plate, which might conflict with Law's 150 strikeout projection.

Aaron Judge is the first outfielder the Yankees have drafted in the first round since John-Ford Griffin in 2001.

The Yankees already drafted Notre Dame third baseman Eric Jagielo with their 26th overall pick.

We'll have a longer post up tomorrow, but until then you can follow Aaron "The Judge" Judge on twitter @thejudge44

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