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Yankees lineup against Mariners, Keith Law & Baseball America mock draft, Indians hat


Here is tonight's lineup against the Mariners:

It looks like Vernon Wells is slowly being dropped down the lineup now that he is batting sixth instead of fifth. Lyle Overbay is finally not in the lineup after playing three straight games in the outfield. It's possible that they are only playing him out there when they are at home in Yankee Stadium's shallow right field. David Adams is also not out there again, but Adams might be playing strictly against left-handers at this point so Kevin Youkilis and shift into the DH spot.

In preparation for the draft, Baseball America and Keith Law have released their final mock drafts today. Law has the Yankees drafting Notre Dame third baseman Eric Jagielo with their first pick, Texas high school outfielder Bill McKinney at #32, and California high school left-hander Ian Clarkin at #33. Jim Callis at Baseball America has the Yankees taking Jagielo, New Jersey lefty Rob Kaminsky, and McKinney in the first round. In BA's top 500 prospects list, Jagielo ranked #16, Kaminsky at #21, and McKinney at #27, while Ian Clarkin ranked at #17.

The Cleveland Indians made a bigger mess concerning their Chief Wahoo logo when the hat that was supposed to be worn by the team on the Fourth of July showed the logo covered in in stars. The problem was that the Native American caricature looked like he as also wearing blackface (and was an indian covered in the American flag!). The Cleveland Indians organization came out and claimed that New Era released the wrong cap logo and then released a new image of their C logo covered in stars, but on closer inspection you can see the original Chief Wahoo design in the reflection on the sticker on the brim of the cap. How did this even happen in the first place?