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MLB Draft 2013: First Round Open Thread


It's finally here! With the Yankees playing in Seattle tonight, there's plenty of time to follow the first round of the draft before game time at 10:00 pm. The coverage begins at 6:00 pm on MLB Network, with the picking scheduled to begin at 7:00 pm. If you don't have MLB Network, you can follow along streaming online at The Yankees will be taking their first pick at #26.

If you missed any of our pre-draft coverage, here's what you need to catch up on:

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We'll have posts about all the players the Yankees pick in the first round up later tonight with a longer profile on them coming tomorrow.


Who do you think gets taken first overall?

Who do you want the Yankees to take with their first pick?

What position do you think the Yankees need to focus on the most?

What is your favorite name in the draft? List here.

How can the Yankees get Baby Pettitte away from Baylor?