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Yankees lineup vs. Indians, A-Rod commentary, & Michael Pineda's velocity


Today's lineup against Corey Kluber and the Indians has been announced:

Both David Adams and Ichiro Suzuki get the night off, while Lyle Overbay gets to play outfielder again. With the horrible defense and zero offense that Vernon Wells has provided recently, it seems like a bad idea to put him and Overbay in the same outfield.

Travis Hafner has been awful too, so wouldn't it make more sense, offensively, to have Kevin Youkilis or Mark Teixeira DH at times? If Joe Girardi thinks the best possible team is with Adams on the bench then he could find himself back in Triple-A soon.

Chris Stewart is in the lineup again, so his brief brush with dehydration must be over and it keeps Austin Romine out of the lineup, who has somehow been worse.

That's basically where he has been velocity-wise in his rehab appearances. Compare that to his 2011 velocity:

It's certainly on the lower end, but not far out of line. Consider that he's still in the early stages of his return from a surgery that has been known to end careers, and it seems like 93-94 mph is something to rejoice over. There's reason to even be optimistic that it will improve as Pineda continues to regain arm strength over the coming days.

Ian O'Connor of ESPN New York wants Alex Rodriguez to tell the truth about his steroid usage, whatever that truth is, instead of allowing Tony Bosch to break the news for him. If Bosch is going to implicate A-Rod in his cooperation with MLB's investigation, and it seems like that is the intention, O'Connor thinks that A-Rod should hold a press conference and get it all out there in the open before people hear it from someone else yet again.

Andrew Marchand reports that the Yankees are in "wait-and-see mode" with A-Rod, which likely means that they aren't expecting much, but hope to be pleasantly surprised. Joe Girardi made it clear that his discussions with his third baseman are purely on the topic of baseball and not any outside drama. Marchand also drives home the point that the Yankees have no basis on which to void Rodriguez's contract, regardless of what comes of the Biogenesis scandal. There is nothing related to steroids in his contract, making it impossible for the team to void it on those grounds.