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Eduardo Nunez injury update: another setback in Tampa


Jayson Nix's hold on the shortstop position was cemented a little further after Eduardo Nunez experienced yet another setback in his recovery from a rib cage injury. This is the second such setback that Nunez has had and Joe Girardi says there is no timetable for his return.

Nunez experienced his first setback on May 26th when attempting to take batting practice. He first felt discomfort in his rib cage on May 5th and hasn't been particularly close to returning since then. Until Nunez is able to return, Nix and Reid Brignac will have to do. With the uncertainty surrounding Derek Jeter's ankle, when he'll be able to return, and in what capacity he will be able to play the field, the Yankees are really hurting at a position that has been locked down for as long as most of us can remember. There's no relief in sight on the farm, either.

It's not as if Nunez was lighting the world on fire at shortstop, but his defense had improved and it seemed like there might be a shred of hope that he could hit eventually. If Nix and Brignac can't cut it long term, and Jeter is unable to play in the field now that his ankle is mainly comprised of metal, the team will likely have to look long and hard at any available shortstops around the league around the trade deadline. Otherwise, there is the potential for the position to be a black hole in the lineup all season.

This could just be a taste of what we're looking at for the foreseeable future at shortstop, and it isn't pretty.