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Steinbrenner: We've been disappointed in Alex Rodriguez


Hal Steinbrenner had a few choice words about Alex Rodriguez today, declaring his disappointment in the way A-Rod has handled himself in the past and the controversies he's been involved with. Over the years he's been connected to all sorts of drama, but also to several steroid controversies.

Rodriguez is in the middle of rehabbing his second hip surgery, a more serious surgery than the first, and has just been cleared to begin baseball activities again. His rehab will be a slow process, but so far he has suffered no setbacks and he hopes to be back sometime in August.

It seems kind of unnecessary for Steinbrenner to rake up the issues the organization has had with their most expensive player. If the team views him as a distraction at times then why bring him up when he's been away from the team for so long? The only thing that should be important is geting him healthy and back on the field. As much as we all love David Adams and as good as Kevin Youkilis is supposed to be, the Yankees still rank 21st in the league with a .245/.304/.338 batting line for the season. Love him or hate him, the Yankees still need him as a baseball player, so let's ignore all the other stuff.


Steinbrenner's comments were taken out of context by Barbarisi. LoHud has the full quote:

There have no doubt been times when we've been disappointed in him and we've conveyed that to him and he understands that. But look everybody's human and everybody makes mistakes. If you've got a guy over the course of 10 years, there's going to be times any of us make mistakes.

"I know he's been working hard and he's been working hard to come back and he does work. He knows what it means to be a Yankee and he knows what we expect of him and he knows what his teammates expect of him, without a doubt. So we just hope he comes back strong. We need all the help we can get.

It would be nice if we could stop making drama out of this situation when there actually isn't any. Steinbrenner admitted the truth, but also didn't condemn him like so many other do. He actually said nice things about A-Rod, but, by all means, lets focus on the out of context negative.