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Michael Pineda could begin Minor League rehab assignment soon

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Pineda was supposed to begin his rehab assignment last week after his final start in extended spring training, but a minor "injury" caused him to leave the game early. Apparently Pineda had been cutting his nails prior to the game and he cut one nail a little too close, causing his finger to bleed. It's unclear if it was a problem for him on the mound, but the organization likely wanted to be careful.

This seems to be a make up start because, while he was pitching well before he left, the Yankees probably want him to stick to their plan. His 30-day rehab assignment would begin a week later than expected, so this might push his return into July now.

It was previously said by Brian Cashman that he isn't guaranteed a roster spot or a job in the rotation. They will determine his role based completely on how he performs and how the likes of David Phelps, Ivan Nova, Phil Hughes and Vidal Nuno are pitching.

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